৭.পুণ্য আত্মার সংকল্প অতি শীতল সরূপ হবে , যেটা বিকারের আগুনে জলে থাকা আত্মাদেরকেও শীতল করে দেবে

৩.পুণ্য আত্মা অর্থাৎ সদা তাদের নয়নের দ্বারা বাপদাদার মূর্তি আর মুখে বাপদাদার মুখ , স্মৃতি বাপ সমান , মুখে সদা জ্ঞান রত্ন অর্থাত সদা অমূল্য বোল , প্রত্যেক কর্ম বাপ সমান চরিত্র , সদা বাপ-সমান বিশ্ব কল্যানকরি বৃত্তি , প্রত্যেক সেকেন্ড প্রত্যেক সংকল্প কল্যাণকারী , দয়ার কিরণের দ্বারা চারিদিকের দুঃখ অশান্তির অন্ধকারকে যে দূর করে

Continuing from yesterday’s message, we frequently make use of the phrases - my Moi bought damage or I think your Moi bought hurt. You hurt my Moi is nothing at all but you harm or harmed the graphic which i carry of myself (as reviewed yesterday) with me Each and every next day-to-day. Due to the fact I carry it with me constantly, I have become connected to it. e.g. If, on a specific working day, you attain dwelling late from Place of work and also your wife, that's indignant with you, accuses of not staying a loved ones guy and a person who would not give more than enough time and energy to her and the kids. Your good reasons for reaching residence late could possibly be genuine or not, your wife can be wrong or right on that specific working day.

संस्कार पर विजयी रूहानी सेनानी हूँ .......... मैं आत्मा

What willpower, you would possibly say. You'd be correct; the chips seemed pretty good. But Baumeister is additionally, coincidentally, a leading authority on that extremely subject, and has just released a smash-hit book on it with Ny Times science writer John Tierney.

से अशोक वाटिका में जानेवाले, सुख और शान्ति के

हूँ ....मैं आत्मा परमधाम शान्तिधाम शिवालय में हूँ ..... शिवबाबा के साथ

जमा करनेकी विधि को अपनाकर व्यर्थ का खाता समाप्त करनेवाले, हर कम्प्लेन को योग के

Not Every person who stands business on the basis of a rational and perhaps proper final decision has self-mastery. Stubborn men and women are actually far more like somebody without self-mastery, as they are partly led because of the satisfaction coming from victory.

हार फिर से पहननेवाले, एवर-शान्त विश्व के

Nevertheless, the pretty notion of self-­Regulate has obtained a musty Victorian odor. The Google Textbooks Ngram Viewer exhibits which the phrase rose in acceptance through the nineteenth century but started to absolutely free slide all around 1920 and cratered while in the nineteen sixties, the era of doing your own thing, permitting all of it dangle out and using a wander about the wild side.

आज बापदादा अपने सर्वश्रेष्ठ महान पुण्य-आत्माओं को देख रहे हैं –

मौन भट्टी में दादी जानकी जी की क्लास्सेस के मुख्य बिंदु

Dr. Chawla affirms that a detailed watch and deep examine of the e-book can awake our deep hidden energies, educate us with regards to their presence within us and also develop a close connectivity with the check over here skin world.

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